Dog Treats the Junk Food of the Canine World?

Unfortunately its been the norm for far too long to cram dog treats full of fatty ingredients including added sugars. Whilst your best friend will be more than happy to eat them, its doing him no good at all and if left unchecked, may cause obesity and other health related problems.

See this link to the Mail online article about dog treats and junk food..

However, sugar and other fatty ingredients aren't the only problem, loads of treats are packed full of chemicals and low grade ingredients (including meat meal and products of vegetable origin) that have questionable nutritional benefits and are the left over from meat and other human food processing industries that would otherwise end up in the bin! We dare you to look at the label of ingredients on your dog treats...its alarming if not down right unintelligible.

Fortunately not all dog treats are created equal! Here at the Dog Treat Company we only use ethically sourced human grade ingredients and we don't add salts, sugars, dyes, chemicals or any fillers (meat meal or products of vegetable origin)- at only 3-4 Calories per treat we are naturally low in fat and most importantly of all, your dog will love them!

If you wouldn't eat it yourself, why would you give it your best friend!


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