Dog Theft...opportunist thief or organised crime?

Across the nation families are having their beloved pets taken from right under their nose. No longer can you be sure that your four legged  friend is safe outside the corner shop. The numbers are alarming, it can no longer be considered isolated or one off events. Specific breeds are targeted,  Kennels are targeted to ensure multiple dogs are available to be snatched and suburban houses marked with paint or coloured rags to indicate the home of a potential victim. Unfortunately the recovery rate is low despite the best efforts of some wonderfully dedicated organisations. The costs of pedigree dogs has risen sharply over the past few years making dognapping big business. This coupled with the fact that dog theft is considered a minor matter when it comes to the Courts. A dog is simply property under English law and therefore the theft of a dog is akin to the theft of a laptop or other chattel. None or little regard is placed on the heartache and upset owners go through when their family dog is stolen and never recovered. So with the stakes so high in terms of money earned and the risks so low in terms of penalty and chances of incarceration; the opportunist may well have been replaced by organised groups of criminal gangs.

See the link for a recent article in the Guardian (1/6/15)

Keep all of your loved ones close and safe, be alert and be aware of strangers or unfamiliar people in your street or neighbourhood.

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