Fleas....its getting warmer!

As the days get longer and the weather warms up vets record considerable increases in animals suffering with flea-related problems. While fleas are a year-round problem there is a definite boom in their population come the sunnier months.   Although most animals will tolerate the odd bite it doesn’t take long for them to reach huge numbers, and some pets also suffer from flea allergies that cause them to have major reactions to even one or two bites. Actually seeing adult fleas on your pet is rare; the vast majority of the population lives as eggs and larvae in the environment, and they particularly love soft furniture, carpets and bedding. Vets say that regular treatment with a reliable product is the most effective way of keeping your pet flea-free; with tablet, spot-on and collar forms available, talk to your vet about which product would be most suitable for you and your pet.

There have been reports suggesting that fleas are becoming resistant to certain products although, this is by no means a unanimously held view. However, if in doubt there are a number of natural remedies available from those that inhibit or discourage fleas (that may be used in conjunction with other remedies), to full on treatments and sprays...see this link http://bit.ly/1t0cINh

Whatever the best method ...(perhaps a mixture of both) we should be glad that we don't have the kind of fleas found in Arizona USA decimating the prairie dog population and carrying the plague!

See this article in the DM Online about plague carrying fleas in the US...scary! http://dailym.ai/1FGwuBA

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