Valentines Day....I don't want a card!

Valentines day is almost upon us and its time to start thinking about that special gift for your furry family. Generally dogs don't respond well to cards, in our experience its either a nonchalant side glance or possibly a frenzied attack to rip, shred and kill the invading card and envelope! In the end the net result is the same, general disinterest and your dog probably doesn't read anyway!

So this year send your pup something they will really enjoy...a box of all natural liver dog treats...low in fat, high in protein and uber healthy! Try our new little treat box through the door for £5.....that's right including delivery! So that works out at less than 25 pence a day for 21 days for a medium sized dog*!

Choose any two treats you like although, we suggest  Hearty Days, our liver treat with added ginger, basil, papaya with an organic rooibos infusion- a brilliant cardio workout!

To get this offer simply add "bemyvalentine" at check out!

*See our Feeding Guidelines

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