Who are the The Dog Treat Company?

We are an artisan producer of dog treats based in Devon.

What do The Dog Treat Company do?

We make handmade dog treats using only human grade ethically sourced ingredients. We do not add sugars, salts or dyes to any of our products. We never add chemicals or enhance the shelf life of any of our products by artificial means.

Why do we do it?

We love dogs (and all other animals) …big, small young and old…all of them! We like to use ingredients that promote good health such as vegetables, herbs and spices to enhance the well being of our dogs. We firmly believe that if you wouldn’t eat it yourself…you shouldn’t feed it to your best friend!

What Ingredients do you use?

We put really cool stuff in our liver treats to enhance the benefits for your dogs. See our Ingredients section.

Where are the Treats made?

In Devon, by hand.

How many treats should I feed my dog?

It very much depends on you and why you are treating, some people will want to use them purely as a reward others because they like to treat their dog regularly and still others will use them as a training aid. 

Dogs love liver, but it is very rich so you need to be careful not to over do it or it may give them an upset tummy. As a rough guide, we suggest a small breed having no more than 3-5 treats per day ( such as a springer or cocker), a medium breed 5-8 treats per day (such as a labrador or golden retriever) and a large breed 8-10 treats per day. This is a guideline only and you will know more about your own dog including age, weight, activity levels, diet and other lifestyle factors before making a final decision. 

We often break down the treats when training so 3-4 treats become 12-16 pieces which is brilliant for a reward and not too much!

In terms of Mailer Boxes, as a rough guide we would suggest that a small breed dog (such as a springer or cocker) would not need more than 1 mailer box per month, a medium breed (such as a labrador or golden retriever) would not need more than 1- 1 1/2 mailer boxes a month and a large breed 1 1/2 - 2 mailer boxes a month.

As noted above, this is just a guide and you should consider the specific circumstances relating to your dog including age, 

Can I use your Treats instead of seeking the advice of a Vet?

No. Absolutely not. Should you become aware that your dog(s) is unwell for any reason, you should seek immediate assistance and or advice from a vet. Our Treats are exactly that, treats, they are not medicinal. We add ingredients such as herbs and spices that are natural and have or are believed to have benefits to canine health but they are not to be considered to be an alternative to medicine.

Do Your Treats Contain Medicine?

No they do not. We use natural ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and spices that are believed to benefit the well being of your dog(s). However, we do not add any medicines or other products considered to be medicines to our treats.

Are some treats only for certain dogs such as older dogs?

All dogs can enjoy all of our treats (over the age of 8 weeks) although if your dog is pregnant, lactating or has a particular medical condition or allergy you should check with your vet first. For example, any dog of any age could benefit from the ingredients in our “Run Free” treats, which promote good joint and bone health.

Where do you get your Ingredients?

Our ingredients are all sourced in the UK, 98% locally. None of our suppliers are animal or pet feed suppliers they are all human food suppliers and we only buy human quality products! 

Mmmm…I like the smell of my dogs treats can I eat one?

Yes if you want to! We only use human grade and quality ingredients (really good quality) and we cook them to human standard so, there is absolutely no reason why you can't try them…. although our taste buds are considerably different to those of your best bud!

The treats look lovely but they don’t smell very strong?

Remember the average dog has a sense of smell of between 1000 and 10,000,000 times better than ours depending on the breed. So, what you can smell isn’t what Rover can smell – and they love ‘em!

Do your Treats contain Gluten?

Yes…. but not wheat gluten. The only flour we use is Organic Spelt Flour; the gluten in spelt is different, it is much more fragile and soluble than normal gluten found in wheat and also behaves differently when cooked. Accordingly, many people who can’t have wheat gluten can have spelt. However, you should seek guidance from your vet if you are unsure or if your pet does suffer from gluten intolerance or other allergies that may be affected or stimulated by consuming gluten.

Is the Liver Free range?

Yes. We use a local supplier of free-range chickens.

Do your treats contain eggs?

Yes and eggshells in some of the recipes for a calcium boost. All of the eggs we use are free range.

Are your treats Organic?

No they are not. We do use a number of organic ingredients but our completed treat is not organic.

Are your treats low in fat?

Yes, each treat is about 3-4 calories, although because we cut them by hand they are all different sizes so this is approximate! 

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What’s the difference between the Mailer Box and a Pouch Box?

The main difference is that we offer 14 flavours in the mailer box and 6 in the pouch.

The Mailer Box contains 240g of treats and the Pouch Box contains 4 x 40 g. Also, because of its size, the Mailer Box (as the name suggests) comes through the post-box whereas the Pouch Box doesn’t fit!

What else do I get in the Mailer Box?

Apart from the treats, we provide you with a "Treat Pouch" which you can use to pop some of the treats in, to take them out and about. We will also send you information about our products and any special offers we are running.

How should I store the treats?

If you have ordered a Pouch Box, simply leave the treats in the pouches either unopened or reseal the top of the bag. If you have received a Mailer Box, you can leave the treats in the unopened tray. If you have opened the tray (or all of the trays), use the "Treat Pouch" to store the ones you want to take with you and place the rest in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.

How do I know when to use my Treats by?

The use by dates are either in the pleat of the pouches or underneath the trays depending on which product you have purchased.

How does the Subscription Service Work?

You choose the Mailer or Pouch Box you want; how often you want them, pay for them and we deliver them to your door by Royal Mail. Please see the “How it Works” page for more details.

Can I Cancel my Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime without penalty prior to payment of your next mailer box. just log onto your account and cancel the delivery. But your best mate wont thank you!

Can I take a break from deliveries because I’m going on holiday?

Yes, just log onto your account and make the change.

Can I send my box to a different address?

Yes, just log onto your account and make the change.

Can I have a Mailer or Pouch Box delivered to a friend?

Yes, Just log onto your account and pop in the details.

I’ve run out of treats but my next Mailer or Pouch Box isn’t due ... help?

Simple. Just log on to your account and either order a one off box or increase the frequency of your deliveries.

I have another dog staying; can I get more Treats while they are with me?

Yes, just log onto your account and increase either the number of boxes, delivery frequency or both.

Do I need to sign for my Mailer or Pouch Box?

No. Your postman will deliver your mailer box with all of your regular post.

Will my Mailer Box fit through my door?

Yes if you have a standard size letterbox. A standard size letterbox is 12 inches x 2 inches or 30.48 x 5.08 cm. Our mailer box is 9 x .945 inches or 22.86 x 2.4 cm.

What if my mailbox is smaller than the standard size?

Its no problem, if the mailer doesn’t fit your postman will leave a card if your not at home or if you have an alternative safe place to put the mailer or want it left at a neighbours, leave a note on the door. Posties are usually very accommodating provided it doesn’t compromise their rules and regulations.

How much is the postage on a Mailer or Pouch Box?

It’s Free if you live in the UK –England (Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man), Scotland (including the Highland and Islands), Wales and Northern Ireland. Its also free for the Channel Islands but may take slightly longer due to the items needing to clear customs. Contact us for the Republic of Ireland.

What happens if I move?

Just update your personal details and we will be sure to send them to the right place…so Rover doesn’t miss out!

What happens if my debit card expires or my details change?

Simply log onto your account and change your details.

How long does it take to get my Mailer or Pouch Box?

Generally, if you place and order before 3pm your box will be ready for despatch the following working day and you will receive it two working days later via your postman.

So, if you place and order Monday it will be despatched Tuesday and you will receive it no later than Thursday by Royal Mail.

What happens if my Mailer or Pouch box is late?

Your mailer box should be with you 48 hours after despatch. If it doesn’t arrive let us know by emailing info@thedogtreatcompany.co.uk

What happens if there is a bank holiday or other national/public holiday?

We can only deliver to you when the Royal Mail is delivering so if they aren’t working, your Mailer Box may be delayed.

What happens if there is a postal strike?

There are some factors (acts or events) that we have no control over. So in the event of a postal strike we will be unable to deliver your mailer boxes but we will always try and give you as much notice as possible.

What happens if there is a problem with my Mailer or Pouch Box?

Any problems or concerns…get in touch we are here to help!

I love the Mailer Box but want to choose my treats myself?

Easy, just choose the Fussy Pots option and choose the flavours you want from our current range….4 different or all the same, its your choice!

I Love the Pouch Box; can I choose different pouches or do they have to be all the same?

Each pouch box has 4 pouches in it….the choice is yours; all the same or all different or any combination in between!

My dog isn’t getting his treats because all his doggy mates keep nicking them?

Tell them to sign up and stop stealing your pups treats!